Balloon Rides available during the event. 

This is an experience the way you see the world.  See the High River town and surrounding lands from aloft.  Experience the natural landscapes, mountains, foothills, lakes, running streams, the way farmers design fields and the many different landmarks. It will all looks like little toys. You might even see deer running or birds in flight. Everything is beautiful, happy and serene because you’re floating on air – riding the wind! As if in a beautiful landscape painting- a steady platform where the earth is moving underneath you while you are staying still! 

Costs is: $250.00 per person

A confirmation will be sent to you directly for your booking.  It is important to remember weather is a key factor ballooning.  If we do not fly the flight you have booked we will make every attempt to reschedule you if space permits at another time.  If we are unable to reschedule your flight we will provide a full refund at the end of the event.

Thank you.