Garry Lockyer

Event Director / Balloon Meister


Full Bio

Garry Lockyer 2Ballon Flight Dec 15th 8

Jonathan Perron –Clow

Theodolite Reader

Calgary, Alberta

Jonathan will be operating the Theodolite – a wind reader used to track the horizontal and vertical angles and speeds of winds aloft. He will pass this information on to Garry and Dale for them to assess the weather and design the Tasks accordingly. Jonathan was the Theodolite operator for Team Canada in 2012 at the Worlds in Battle Creek Michigan.

I am the President-Elect of the Calgary Balloon Club and a balloonist originally from Ottawa. I’ve been involved in ballooning for over 20 years and still have that youthful enthusiasm about it. I hope to eventually become a pilot but more importantly to help organize events that engage people in ballooning and help competitors improve their skills.

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