Balloon Glow

Balloon Glow – Friday, September 27h 

Balloons inflate and light themselves from within using their burners. The sight of hot air balloons lit up like giant light bulbs is amazing. Pilots will coordinate ‘all burns’ where they fire up their burners illuminating their balloons all at once and also perform ‘count downs’ which are very crowd participatory events. 

Join us for this fun family event beginning at 5:00 pm on Friday, September 27 at Mercer Adams Property.  On site there will be a walk-in balloon – you can actually walk inside and see how a hot air balloon inflates.  Come early and visit one of our many Food Vendors and enjoy this free event. The balloons will glow on Friday, September 27th at approximately 8:00 pm for a maximum of one hour. 

We kindly request that you leave your Dogs at home as Mercer Adams Property is considered a school playground and does not permit animals.  Town of High River, Alberta Bylaw 

Donations are gratefully accepted on site to keep the event coming back year after year.